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Whether you are an original homeowner, recently purchased your home and prospective homeowner we would like to welcome you to Bar C Ranch.  
The homeowner's association is the cornerstone of a planned residential community. The association gives continuity to the community, preserves architectural integrity and maintains the common properties. In addition, the association promotes the community concept and protects the community's property values, and in many cases, makes available recreational and other facilities that might not otherwise be affordable or available to homeowners and residents. The homeowner's association can be the vehicle for community communication and can protect and maintain the common easements and common services that exist for the benefit of each member of the association.

Automatic and mandatory homeowner's association are part of the overall concept of residential propery ownership. Purchase of the home or lot brings with it membership in the association which provides the structure for operation and management of the residential community concept. Membership includes certain mandatory obligations, financial responsibilities and commitment to abide by the use restrictions and rules of the association.

Members of the homeowners association have two responsibilities: one to themselves and to their individually owned property, and the other to the association and the community concept. The individual responsibility requires the member to occupy, maintain and use the property in accordance with the restrictive covenants. The collective goal of the homeowners association is to maintain the quality of the property and the lifestyle envisioned by the planned residential development.

The homeowners association provides for the maintenance of common areas and facilities through collection of dues. Insight Association Management is responsible for hiring and overseeing the maintenance contractors.

Developer Information
The Forestar Group is a real estate and natural resources company with a strategy to recognize and responsibly deliver the greatest value from every acre.  Forestar's strategy originates from their commitment to developing real estate and natural resources to their highest purpose.  Forestar's real estate holdings span several states in the U.S. sunbelt markets and encompass over 100,000 acres.  Forestar's experienced team manages through the complex course of community design and infrastructure construction to create exceptional residential and mixed-use communities.

Each new development is thoughtfully designed with the community's shared values, needs and preferred lifestyle mind.  As a result, they design communities that have a sense of place and that are sustainable for generations to come.  For more information about Forestar, please visit their website at

Your HOA assessments pay for (in part):

Landscape of common areas (mowing, edging, fertilizing and pruning)
Seasonal flowers
Irrigation repairs and maintenance
Pool Maintenance
Common area electricity and water
Directors and Officers Insurance
Texas Commercial Property Insurance
Social Events & Association Meetings
Administrative Costs
Accounting Functions
Annual Audit

Assessments are collected in advance annually.  They are billed semi-annually (due Jauary 1st and July 1st) for homeowners convenience.

For your convenience, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and the Architectural Modification Request form are available on this website.

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